bandipurvisit Bandipur, a place with natural beauty is in Tanahun district. It is one of the precious places of Nepal. Mainy people of newars community lives here also known as Newari town. The traditional village with huge architecture, mountainous views, locals, adventurous sports and settlements make Bandipur attractive.

What to Do?

Today Bandipur is also one of the finest destination places for the tourists. It is the place with rich hill civilization and mountain scenes as well as hiking. The place is full of its natural beauty and suitable climate. We can visit the temples, go for hikes. The street in bandipur is so clean. It feels really so amazing walking in the roads. The streets are lined with cafes. We can also spend our time there by viewing the natural beauty. The numbers of tourists visiting there are increasing rapidly year by year. Development and promotion of Bandipur for a tourist destination is in practice.  It helps in exploring the beauty of Nepal.


In Bandipur we can find numbers of hotels there. We can see the beautiful sight from the roof of the hotels. We can find the rooms in suitable price.  Every year numbers of national as well international tourists visit there. It helps in tourism industry of the country.

Mostly newars are settled there. While other ethnic groups like magar, Gurung, chhetri, etc live in hill side. They cultivate rice, mustard, corn, millet and so on. The people living here are supportive to each other. They celebrates the festivals like Dashain, tihar,bisket jatra and many more.The major attraction of this place are siddha cave, mukundeswari, padma library, teendhara and so on.



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