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Bardia National Park Visit

Bardia National Park is one of the largest parks of Nepal. It lies in the Terai belt where we can see the Siwalik Hills. This area also represents the Tiger Conservation Area. The Banke as well as Bardia National park has high amount of grassland and the forests. This park protects the ecosystem of west Terai along with the Tigers and its hunt species.bardia national park (1)

It is the largest as well as undistributed uncultivated region in the terai belt which provides the habitat for various endangered species. Various animals, birds, mammals, are protected in this park. This area is the main home for the wildlife.

The karnali Babair river also lies in the park which provides the good sceneric views. Also, the people living here are engaged in agriculture. We can also see the different forests with varieties mixture of grazing grassland. The weather on October is warm and considered as the best time to visit. The temperature here is hot during may.


bardia national park (3)We can see many open grassland regions where we can see the game view. Also, the Indian Antelope is seen in this park along with one horned rhinoceros.  As well as the roads of the forests also offers the best game viewing. The famous largest Karnali is famous for fishing. Dolphins are usually seen here. The highest area of the Churia range, Sakurmala can be reached from the base of Karnali. From the top, we can view the beautiful valleys.

Travel and Stay

The entry to park is from the road. We can get a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. After that, take public bus to far west. The main highway crossing this park is Mahendra Highway. Staying in this park on the bank of Karnali river at a tent camp is fun. It includes all the activities and meals. We can also find the lodges outside of the park.

For entering the park we need the entrance pass.

You can also visit Khaptad National Park from here.



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