bhaktapurBhaktapur is the city with its own art, culture and ethnic lifestyle. It’s another name is khwopa. It is fill up with towns, most stoneware with carvings. We can see plated outer surface of buildings roofs, open veranda. The city is dabbed with pagodas and religious shrines. Bhaktapur is encompassed by mountains and gives an eminent perspective on the Himalayas. For its grand commemorations, vivid celebrations and the local Newars best known for their long history of craftsmanship. It has given an incomparable arts and craftsmanship.

Bhaktapur is rich in temples, monasteries and monuments. We can see arts work in stones, metal and woods. We can also find old buildings with historic values.


We can see huge numbers of Monuments in Bhaktapur. They are very attractive and beautiful. We can see historic design of wooden columns, windows and doors also roofs. We can also find their religious faith with their different cultures. It also reflects their social behavior. And also the economic levels of the people. Basically, Newars are in huge amount with their artistics values and norms. People can also see numerous arts, temples, buildings in every second step. World recognized Nyatapola Temple, 55-Window Palace as well as Taleju Temple are situated here along with different temples.


Bhaktapur is city with full of cultural and traditional values. People celebrate their festivals with full of joy by dancing and performing traditional norms. It is also known as the city with unique and diversity cultures and festivals. Bhaktapur is basically famous for its yogurt local name as Juju Dhau. We can find variety of foods there.



We have to preserve the local cultures and traditions for our future generations. Famous monuments like Nyatapola Temple and Bhairavnath Temple, Siddha Pokhari and many more. All of them represents our glorious culture and traditions.





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