dharan1Dharan is one of the beautiful cities on province no.1, which lies in eastern part of Nepal. It lies in the foothill of mountain range and its northern part touching the terai region and surrounded by chaar koshe jhadi. It is also joining part of terai and hilly region. Also it is one of the attractive places of Nepal. It is full of different culture, religious and tradition. Society is full of Hinduism, Christianity, kirati and Buddhist. Among them most of the people living here is kirati. Many monasteries and temple of god and goodness found there . It is one of the best destinations to visit their views, and environment makes you cool and charm. This place is also famous for temples, natural scenarios, clean street, fast food and so on

Things to do

Dharan has many things to do. There is a rafting facilty from tamor river to koshi. Also, you can paraglide from Bhedetar to Dharan which is much adventurous. There is also the facility of homestay for tourists. As well as we can also see the beautiful sunrise view from the dada located there. From Bhedetar, we can see the greenery views along with wild animals in the park. It has also numbers of hotels, restaurants, and lodges, which makes our stay easy. Tongba, a local alcohol made there is famous in Dharan. Travelling is easier in Dharan. We can find numbers of transport medium for travelling and the roads are well maintained.

 Major attractions

Dharan is famous destination for the people. It is also the holy place for different religions. The climate is little hot during summer but favourable during other seasons. The major attractions of there are zero point, Bhedetar, Illam, Namaste Jharna. The famous temples include Dantakali temple, Pindeswori temple, Buddhasubbha temple and Panchakanya temple. Tree house is also the latest attraction for the people with new design and view. It has one of the best medical college of the nation B.P. Koirala Institute of health science.




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