How to Choose the Right Cruise for You

How to Choose the Right Cruise for You: If you are planning to pick the right cruise for your next vacation; which is like going to be a speed-dating event. You can’t take all day getting to know someone who can help you to find cruiser. And you also need to figure out whether your personalities match or not. In which cruise parlance, that translates to the fact there are tons of lines from which to choose and from which to not choose and to know who’s got the time to winnow out the mismatches?

While cruise lines are trying to persuade travelers they can offer all-things-to-all-people with onboard experience. So we’re increasingly seeing them carve out distinctive lifestyle niches. Celebrities are aiming at the spa and gourmet traveler, and Carnival’s focusing on mass-appeal food and entertainment, and Royal Caribbean is targeting active families.

if you are still, picking the perfect ship — like choosing the perfect love match which is very tricky. Even if cruise lines seem similar at first, but they all have their own perks and quirks. And even the same line can offer different experiences based on the age and size of a ship and the destination and time of year you’re sailing.

Which line best matches your personality? Here’s a cheat sheet which will help you to get you started. We recommend reading reviews, asking questions on our message boards and chatting with knowledgeable travel agents for further narrow down the choices.

Types of Cruises:

Windstar Cruises

Windstar Cruises best place for travel

None of the scenarios are as romantic as a sunset sail away … complete with billowing sails. Windstar’s with three intimate motor-sail-yachts offer luxurious touches.  Like an attached bathroom in the room and high thread-count bedding, personal service, and good dining.  And the honeymoon-worthy destinations such as in the Caribbean and French Polynesia. Its three regular yachts (no sails) offer spacious suite accommodations for all and sail around the globe to places like Europe, Asia, and the Panama Canal.

Paul Gauguin Cruises
This line ship sails only in the idyllic South Pacific year-round. It is the best and the favorite place for romantic getaways, honeymoons and anniversary celebrations. Perhaps due to itineraries stopping in remote islands and offering plenty of time to splash about in bathing suits or lie in the tropical sun.

Princess Cruises
This cruise line has owned the original Love Boat which still clings to the notion that cruising is the ultimate in romance. While midsized and large ships might not be your idea of intimacy. Princess turns on the charm with alfresco balcony dinners for two, adults-only sun decks with spa-like atmospheres which gives several alternative dining venues perfect for date and romance night

Hope this article “How to Choose the Right Cruise for You” helps you to find the best cruise. Happy Traveling.

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