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Kanchenjunga Conservation Area

Kanchenjunga Conservation Area is one of the preserved areas which lies below the Mount Kanchenjunga. It lies in Taplejung District.  This region consists of various grasslands, outcrops, forests as well as low river valleys. It has border with Tibet, India and Sankhuwasabha District. It was established to conserve bio diversity as well as sustainable development.

This area preserves the various types of flora and fauna. On spring, we can see the various flowers like rhododendrons, lilies and others. Also, the dense forest is also preserving the various wildlife species. This area also preserves the various culture and diversity. Most of the Sherpa’s living here migrated from Tibet. They have various cultures and traditions. The culture varies from the Solukhumbu District. We can see different Temples, Monasteries, prayer walls in this conservation area.

Major attraction

We can view the beautiful view of mount Kanchenjunga from here. There are various trek points to watch mountain. As well as this area provides an amazing view and make our trek wonderful. Also, various species, mammals, birds, flowers provides the beautiful scene. So, it is the major point of attraction.kanchenjunga

We can get there by bus from Dharan city. Also, we can fly from Biratnagar, Kathmandu to reach there.



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