Kathmandu valley, the capital city as well as largest city of Nepal and also the city of temples. It is one of the vacation places for travelers across the world. Every year number of peoples across the nation as well as across the world visit here.


Kathmandu valley is constructed with three districts like Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur district. It is the major center for cultural and political region of Nepal. More than 1 million people lives here. People speak varieties of languages  here. Nepali is more common language in practice along with Newari. SAARC’s headquarter is also in Kathmandu valley.

Bagmati is the major flowing river here. Discovering ancient myths and temples in the valley of gods of Buddhism and Hinduism. The main food practice is of Newari food across the valley in different places. People involve in making different ancient arts and handicrafts. It helps in the promotion of our traditions and arts. People’s major source of income is from business, arts, crafts, hotels and so on.


People living here are following the same rituals that have been practiced from generation. You can visit different temples at different locations to know the history of that monuments. People living here are melting pot for different cultures and religious groups. People with different casts, religion and language lives here. It is the city with a passion, different traditional arts and crafts and religious faith. We can see the respect for different cultural and religious harmony. Different ethnic groups celebrates each other’s festivals with full of joy and happiness. The main religion following here are mainly Hinduism and Buddhism.  Kathmandu was ruled by Gopal and Kirat dynasty, Lichhavi and also Malla kings. It is the home to several other perfect landmarks, models. We can also view masterful temple and wonderful craftsmanship.

We can see suitable and favourable climate with cold weather. Every year large number of tourists visit here. It is the major attraction place for tourists. Here is only one international airport that is Tribhuvan International Airport. Tourism is also the main business for the growth of economy of the nation.






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