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Khaptad National Park Visit

Khaptad National Park is protected area in the mid mountain area of Far-West part of Nepal. The park headquarters lies in Khaptad area. The famous Khaptad Baba Ashram which is one of the religious places of Hindus also lies near the park. Hindu worshippers specially to worship Lord Shiva comes here on full moon day every year.

This park consists of the diverse ecosystem which lies on the mid-Himalayan region of west part of Nepal. Hilly land consists of a rolling plateau where the various types of grasslands is seen with Oak as well as coniferous forests.


During summer we feel cool and wet. Also, in winter we can experience the cold and dry environment as well as snowfall can also be experienced. The rainfall occurs mostly on Monsoon. Autumn provides the best climate which is also the best time to visit here.

Vegetation and wildlife

khaptadWe can experience varieties of vegetations. Pinus, Fir, Maple, Rhododendron and many more species of trees are found here. Bamboo stands and medical herbs also occurs in this park. Animals like Leopard, Himalayan Black Bear, Musk deer, Wolf and many other species are found here. And the birds like Danphe, Lophophorous, Kalij, Cuckoos and many other species can be seen here.

There is a meditation area at the central part of the park which occupies religious places and the ashram. Similarly killing of birds and animals are prohibit in the park.


We can get to Bajhang from Kathmandu, Nepalgunj or Dhangadi and the two-day trek from there. This journey provides an amazing experience where we can experience the various types of species and the local’s traditions.




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