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 Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve Tour

Koshi Tappu Wildlife reserve lies in the Sunsari district of the Sapta Koshi. This area provides the most major habitat for a several wildlife species. The last living of Wild Buffalo as well as Arna are preserve here. This area also preserves the different species of mammals as well as the wild buffalos. The natural vegetation is high grassland, clean forest as well as broadleaf mix riverine forests. We can also do fishing as well as collect the edible fruits and ferns, which helps in the development of the economy. Various species of birds are also lives here. Koshi Barrage is one of the major places for resting to the different species of birds. The endangered species of Crocodile as well as Dolphin are seen only in Koshi river. Locals are allowed to collect grass within this reserve which are used for covering the roofs and building the walls of the house. Due to the exhaustive agriculture, the grass cannot be found outside this reserve.

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The best time to visit this reserve is between October and March. Because we can see the different species of migrating birds on the bank of rivers. Also, the best thing about here is viewing the mount Makalu due to the clear and cool weather.

Also, the several types of elephants can also be seen here. We can also explore this area through elephant rides.  Annual festivals of several religions occurs in the Baraha Chhetra. The temperature experienced here is hot during summer. And humid throughout the seasons.


We can visit there through bus which leaves for Biratnagar and other places to eastern Nepal. We should get off before Laukhi and walk about three kilometers to it headquarter. Also, the flight to Biratnagar and then travel back to Lauki through bus.

For entering the park there is an entry fee for the visitors. Also, there is a facility of hotels and lodges to the visitors where we can buy the goods and foods.


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