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Makalu-Barun National Park and Conservation Area

Makalu-Barun national park, lies in the Himalayas of Nepal which was established as eastern supplement of Sagarmatha National Park. It lies in the Limbuwan area. It is the only conservation area which lies more than eight thousand meters where we can view the typical forests along with snowy peaks. This area consists of the five highest peaks in the world. It covers the area of Solukhumbu and Sankhuwasabha Districts. This park also shares the border with Tibet. Because of its high altitude and climate, this area consists the plants and animals in the high amount.makalu (1)

We can the people like Rai, Sherpa and Bhotia in the lower area of this valley. They are economically poor but contains rich cultural heritage. They also preserve the biological and culturally valuable of this area. People living there are involved in conserving the forests, natural resources. Their live depends on those resources.

We can also see the medicinal as well as useful plants due to bioclimatic zones. Also, various types of herbs, flowers, plants, birds, along with endangered animals. We can also see the several species of fish in the Arun river which flow unreserved from this park. The ecosystem is protected for the various type of scientific studies, environment monitoring and maintaining resources.

The people living here follows Buddhists traditions. We can find various occupations and castes of the people. People living here are busy in agriculture and they fully depends upon the park for the fuels, foods and for house hold purposes. We can fly to Lukla , Phaplu airports and start trek to reach the park.


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