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 Manaslu Conservation Area

Manaslu conservation area lies in the mountain region in the Gorkha District. It is border by Annapurna Conservation Area in the west and by Tibetan Plateau on its northern and eastern side.  It is one of the famous trekking area, its altitude rises to 8163 meters, the peak of Mount Manaslu which is the eight highest peak in the world. This area provides the perfect view of high peaks, glaciers, streams and cultures. For the successful conservation, various development projects has been running in this area.

The aim of the project is to provide the physical benefits from tourism industry to the locals for developing the eco-tourism. The project also initiated the seven VDC’S to turn into the conservation area. It is one of the best places for village tourism which provides the best experience which offers the Nepali culture and hospitality.  This area is the home of several mammals along with endangered animals like snow Leopards, Himalayan Thar and Musk Deer. As well as this area also preserves the several species of birds, flowers, Plants and reptiles.

Major Attraction

This area is one of the famous places among trekkers where we can experience the natural as well as culture along with hospitality. The trek to this area follows the Budi Gandaki to Larke Pass. Then cross into the Manang of the Annapurna Conservation Area. During our trek, we can see the various snowy peaks, glaciers and several species of mammals, birds and fauna.manaslu (2)

Various types of peoples live here, where the Gurung community has majority. People living here are fascinated by the Tibetan culture. We can also see the several monasteries with Tibetan culture.




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