Careful never do this in bangkok

Never do this in Bangkok

We have been doing research and exploring how to enjoy Bangkok at its fullest and today we will share what are top awkward things that you should never do in Bangkok. It is a must for every individual who is choosing Bangkok or any other place as a destination to spend holidays, vacations, honeymoon or trade tour to know in detail what one should not do. In some cases even seasoned travelers have been fooled by the professional scammers and only knowledge of these cheats and tricks can keep you safe in Bangkok.

TO enjoy your holiday you should avoid difficulty, frauds and be aware of certain things. Here a list of things that you should keep in your mind.

IN list:

1.Scams/frauds on Bangkok

2.Passport and other documents

3.Getting ripped off by  Taxi drivers

  1. Getting Extorted in a Sketchy Club / Bar…or by a Girl!

5.Watch out for the Tuk-tuks scam:

6. Be careful of the reserved seats for Buddhist monks:

7.Massage in Bangkok

8. Be careful  about the Royal Family:

9.Cultural norms and rules

  1. Things not to do in Bangkok while shopping:

11.Give monks some space

12.Respect the currency/money


These points are explained in detail along with real some stories below

NOTE: You might feel like it’s not safe to visit there or you have to be careful about more things enjoying yourself But trust me it’s a really nice place that you must go once in your life. we are just trying to aware of you so that you don have to face any problems. There are lots of things that will make you think to come over here again and again.


1.Scams/frauds on Bangkok

careful never do this in bangkok

Do not believe the “touts” (sketchy people ) when they say things are closed.  They are lying! In particular, you might see these “touts” all around the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and other major attractions.

Do your best to avoid fraud people. Try to ignore them (politely), or just smile and bow your head, then walk away. If they follow you and continue to ask where you are going, just tell them smilingly “right here” and point to the ground. This will confuse them, and leave them speechless for a moment; giving you a chance to make an escape.

We don’t ever like to come across rude, but you know all people are not the same. You have to be forceful and move on.

Be aware and make plans, browse online where to go to avoid scams


2.Passport and other documents

While most people who travel to Thailand might not have this issue, we have heard some stories about areas of Bangkok where the police harass tourists. Mostly, these are unscrupulous officers who are looking for money. They will set themselves in a few areas of town, such as near the main train station, and approach tourists demanding that they see their passports and travel documents.

If you cannot produce them right away, then they will find a ridiculous amount of money. If you don’t have the money, then they may take you to jail, but we have also heard stories of people who were escorted to ATMs and demanded that they withdraw the money to pay the fine.

Knock on wood, we have never seen anything like this take place. Although, some buses might have been stopped at checkpoints for police to come on board and check travel documents. But luckily, we have always had kind interactions with the police.

Regardless of whether this is right or wrong, the best way to avoid this situation is to carry your passport (photocopy is enough)and any travel documents with you at all times. This way you can just hand them over politely, and they should leave you alone.  If you don’t have your passport, then demand that you contact the embassy — and whatever you do, don’t sign anything!


3.Getting ripped off by  Taxi drivers


Getting rip by taxi drivers

Whenever you hail a cab, insist that they turn on their meter. If they make any excuses, saying that the meter is broken, etc. etc. but don’t listen to them. By law, they are required to use the meter. If they refuse, just move on to the next taxi — there are plenty of them.

You can also take a walk if your destination is nearby enjoying the view if not there are many options for public transportation in Bangkok.


Being budget travelers, we don’t want to spend all our money on transportation…and we don’t mind doing a bit of walking. But we can really save our bodies a lot of pain if we combine some transportation here and there. For example, the water taxis up and down the Chao Phraya river are a bargain and cover quite a distance. Bangkok buses are cheap too – hop on and you can easily save yourself 30 minutes of walking for just a few baht!

We enjoy stopping off periodically at a sidewalk restaurant for a drink, and a snack. The great thing about Bangkok is that street food is cheap.  And food vendors are everywhere.   So it’s a good excuse to take a break and keep your energy up. Also, anywhere that you can pop inside for some air-conditioning and rest will help you get through the day. It’s crazy hot in Bangkok – so rest, and drink water!!!


4. Getting Extorted in a Sketchy Club / Bar…or by a Girl!

Getting Extorted in a Sketchy Club / Bar

It’s well known that Bangkok Thailand has its share of wild bars and clubs, including a number of red light areas. But it is always best to keep your wits about you.  If you are in a club and someone invites you to a private area – like a club within a bar, be wary. We have heard of people going into VIP rooms, and being held hostage until they paid outrageous bills to simply leave the room!


Also if you are a guy, you are going to be amazed at how some bar girls will throw themselves at you. Yes, it feels good to be wanted…but beware. This is their livelihood and business. You are not the only guy she is talking to, and she wants more than just to hang out. We all want to assume people have honest intentions. And of course, not everyone is bad. But we have known people who have lost a lot of money to bar girls and had wallets and phones stolen.

A friend of ours even had a girl follow him to his hotel, even though he said he wasn’t interested.  And when he refused to take her inside, she insisted she pays him a large sum of money or she would send her brother to kill him. Seriously, guys, it is all fun and games…at first. Don’t be overcome with flattery that you stop using your brain.


5.Watch out for the Tuk-tuks scam:

careful about tuktuk in bangkok

If you think you are safe if you not traveling by taxi and taking a Tuk-tuk instead than maybe you need to think all over again. These generous and friendly Tuk-tuk drivers who are ever ready to be your guide are experts in turning your simple journey to a calculated destination into a long day tour plan. They make you visit unimportant places and charge you a lot more than normal. The best way is to be strict and straightforward with these drivers and tell them to drop you at your calculated destination only.


6. Be careful of the reserved seats for Buddhist monks:reserved seats for monks

Careful about the reserved seats for Buddhist monks!If you are not traveling by taxi or Tuk-tuk than you have an option of metro and Skytrains. You should be careful of the reserved seats for the Buddhist monks. Not just in the trains but there are seats with reserved signs in boats and boarding gate of the airport



7.Massage in Bangkok

massage in bangkok
massage in Bangkok

Your trip to Thailand is incomplete without a visit to the relaxing massages. Beware of the cheaters who offer cheap massages and are not professionals. This kind of service can give you an unexpected problem as a return gift. Whether it is Bangkok or any other city in Thailand, you should properly research before you rest down for a relaxing massage.

Watch reviews of that place where you are planning to go and relax in the service of professionals


8. Be careful  about the Royal Family:

royal family in bangkok

When we are talking about paying penalties and fines, then let me warn you from using abusive language or passing strong comments against the Royal Family. By the Law of Thailand, you can be imprisoned for max 15 years. The Laws in this regard are very strong, so avoid ending up in any political talks with the locals.


9.Cultural norms and rules

Things not to do in Bangkok include being cautious about cultural differences. You should not wear short tops and skirts while visiting certain places that have a proper dress code. Your entry will be denied in the Temples and spiritual places if you are not dressed properly. Besides this “head” is considered as a sacred part of the body in Thailand and touching the head is considered as being rude to the person.


10.Careful while shopping in Bangkok:

Buying an original Omega, Tag Heuer watch, Lacoste shirt or a Burberry handbag is an art in Bangkok and even a seasonal buyer can be left with the first copy of the product in his hands. You will not realize what you actually paid for is original or not. Some products are of fine quality and may survive for some time but then you will find rusty handles, logo ripping, watchstraps corroding and leather cleaving. So next time you shop in Bangkok try to reach for the trustworthy markets and ask for guarantee cards.

11.Give monks some space

Don’t… sit next to a monk (if you’re female). Monks must adhere to many rules from the Buddhist monastic code, including never to touch a female, so if you are of the fairer sex it is a good idea to move at least a meter away from any monk on public transport and give them room to walk if out and about

12.Respect the currency/money

Don’t… step on Thai money. You accidentally drop some money and the wind starts to blow it away. In your own country, you might step on it to save your cash, but in Thailand DON’T DO IT. Just as the head is revered as the highest part of the human body, the feet are seen as the lowest, most impure part of our bodies and touching an image of the king with your dirty feet would make many Thai people visibly distressed.




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