Paragliding in Nepal. Pokhara the best place for paragliding in world

Paragliding in Nepal

Paragliding in Nepal: Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries full of natural scenarios in the whole world. Among them, paragliding is one which makes you taste different. Paragliding in Nepal over the high Himalayan ranges and hills make your day’s delightful and thrilling adventure. There are various spots for paragliding in Nepal, among them Tandem flight at Pokhara, the Sirkot and Bandipur are well-known. Tandem flight in Pokhara is the world’s top 5 best spot for the paragliding location. Paragliding in Nepal seems to be Paragliding in Pokhara for all the adventure lovers. Due to the good configuration of environmental climate; safe for take-off and landing and the fantastic view of the high Himalayan range paragliding in Pokhara is the best location in the world.

Paragliding Features

Tandem paragliding means there is one trained pilot with you to fly and supposed to seat in front of the pilot in the separate seat. The single-seat makes your separation from the pilot if you wish to feel peaceful and you can enjoy the surrounding views of the lake and Himalayan range. It not only gets you airborne but allows you to fly like bird and chances are that you will actually fly with different types of birds including vulture, kites, and the eagle with the perfect views of the city. You can also take photograph and videos during the flight. Tandem flight at Pokhara driven to the hill of Sarangkot; which is located 6km from the Baglung Buspark and ends at Fewa lake.

Paragliding in Nepal. Pokhara the best place for paragliding in world

In Pokhara, there are altogether 20 companies operating Tandem flight from Sarangkot to Fewa Lake. In the aspect of the price paragliding at Pokhara seems quite cheap than other places in the world. All the paragliding company serves the same service with the best quality and equal in price. For the Standard flight of 30 minutes, it will cost $75 and Cross country of 40 to 60 minutes is of $110.There is also the facility to take photograph and videos during paragliding, it will add another $17 in the above-mentioned categories.

If you wish to fly your own, if you are capable of paragliding own you can select Pokhara for it. You have to take the authorization from the civil aeronautics office situated at Pokhara. You need to pay $45 for the authorization to fly your own. For this, you have to submit your paragliding license, photocopy of visa, photocopy of passport, and proof of insurance along with 2 photos of yourself. Children below 12 years are not allowed for paragliding.



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