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Trek to Rara National Park

Rara national park lies in Karnali Zone fo Nepal. The park headquarter is in Jumla. Most of the part of the park lies in Mugu district where biggest lake of Nepal Rara Lake lies.  As well as its some part also lies in Jumla District. This national park is the smallest National Park of Nepal. It preserves the beauty of Rara Lake along with the flora and fauna.  we can also view the fast-flowing rivers. The river valley cut through a ridge which makes the natural boundary to park is on west.

The park has many coniferous forests where we can find the varieties of Pine, Rhododedron and many other species. Also, the different types of forests and species of tree are found. The animals in this park includes Himalayan Deer, Leopard, Musk Deer, Jackal and many others species. And the several types of the birds make the park amazing and interesting to the visitors.rara national park (1)

Summer provides pleasant, winter has cold temperatures as well as snowfall is also experience here. The weather here goes below freezing point. There are no settlements of people in the park. We can find several villages around the park. The people living here main source of economy depends on agriculturing beans, potatoes, wheat and so on. Mostly Hindus lives here.rara national park (2)

Rara Lake is one of the most amazing and beautiful things to visit in the park. The migrating birds of several species along with several types of flowers and forest hill are also seen. Also, the view of the peakd makes this park wonderful. The beautiful Mugu and Karnai river also makes this park enjoyable. We can visit to this park from Jumla. This trek is enjoyable and full of fun.

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