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Shey Phoksundo National Park Visit

Shey Phoksundo National Park lies in the mountain region of West Nepal which covers the districts like Dolpa as well as Mugu. It is the largest national park of Nepal. It was established with the aim to preserve the special Trans-Himalayan ecosystem along with the Flora and Fauna. This park also preserves the several endangered species such as Snow Leopard and Musk Deer. We can also explore the several peaks, fast flowing rivers. The second largest Lake of Nepal Shey Phoksundo also lies here.

There is a diverse type of vegetation due to several climatic conditions. The southern part of this park consists of the dense forests along with shrubs.

We can also find the varieties of animals as well as birds which are in the danger of existence.  Since it lies in the Himalayan range, it has a monsoon rain during June, winter snow which is heavy in the march and the weather remains clear.

shey phoksundo (1)The people as well as their lifestyle and culture are affected highly by the Tibetan culture. Buddhism is highly following religion here. We can find gompas in every village which lies there. The main occupation of the people living here is agriculture. They cultivate potatoes in high amount, Buckwheat, Beans, Mustard and Barley. Also, the animal farming is the most common thing in practice which is for food and wool. The main trading center from here is Tibet. This region consists of amazing religions and wildlife. One of the major destination places is Shey Phoksundo Lake as well as one of the highest waterfalls in the nation also lies here. We can also view the many monasteries in the village.

We can reach there through the airplane in Dolpa from Nepalgunj and other places and then start trekking from here. This National park is preserving the several flora and fauna. It is also one of the major destinations of the people. Several endangered species also live here. So, it must be preserve.



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