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Shuklaphanta National Park

Shuklaphanta National Park lies in the southern part of Far-West part of Nepal. It consists of open grassland, forests, and river flowing channels. Some part of this reserve is used for wildlife migration into Shivalik Hills. This park also represents the Tiger Conservation Unit where we can see the grasslands and dense forests. It also conserves for the floodplain grassland. This park was a famous hunting region for several years. The most found tree here is Sal. Also, the huge grasslands are the home for deer which are in danger of extinction.

Climate and Vegetation

December is cold, temperature ranges low during winter. And during summer the temperature rises higher with humidity. Various types of grasslands, forest is seen along with the river side. The grass is also used by locals for thatching the roofs of their houses. It is the main home for the various species like swamp deer. Several animals, birds can be explored in this park.

Major Attraction

suklaphantaSince this area is the home for swamp deer and several grassland birds, it attracts tourists in huge amount. Also, we can explore the habitant of various species of reptiles, wildlife and lakes as well as waterfalls. Jungle safari is also common to explore this park.

We can get to this area by road or by air. A flight from Kathmandu to Dhangadi. And taking bus from Dhangadi to the reserve headquarter. Or buses from various places is also accessible to reach there.

The park must be protected and we should manage our wastes inside the park.

You can also visit Bardia National Park , Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve.





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