Things To Do In Kathmandu. Places That Should not be Missed

Things To Do In Kathmandu. Places That Should not be Missed

Things To Do In Kathmandu: Every year many national and international tourist visit Kathmandu. Today you will find here why many people visit Kathmandu? Which are the places that you must to go if you visit Kathmandu? Let’s explore beautiful places that you must reach once while you visit Kathmandu. Things To Do In Kathmandu.

As you know, Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal; Kathmandu has a lot of historical places as all the kings from the past used to live here in this area. Kathmandu is well-known for the most remarkable and irreplaceable historical and religious points. By visiting this beautiful city, you will get a chance to know about the ancient kings of this region.

Not only it is crowded with the temples and palace (durbars) it has also great natural beauty. As you are planning a vacation in Nepal then you must visit Kathmandu as it only has the main international airport is in this city. At the last of this page contains a bus map of Nepal. We will be illustrating the places here which you should not miss if you visit Kathmandu.

The places to visit around Kathmandu valley

Narayanhiti Palace Museum
This museum was made long ago as a palace of the kings and queens of Nepal. It contains a history of around 200 years ago. Here you will be able to see the entire vintage that the royal people used to deal with. You can know the lifestyle of the kings and queens of Nepal long ago. It is situated in the central area of Kathmandu.

If you are staying at Thamel in any hotel then you would be able to reach there within 5 minutes of walk. Narayanhiti Palace Museum is open all days except Tuesday and Wednesday. The time to visit must be in the morning at 11 am to mid-day at 4 pm. It will cost Rs 100 for Nepali citizen, Rs 20 for Nepalese student, Rs 250 for the entire south Asians along with Chinese and Rs 500 for others.

The history inside the City: “ Things to Do in Kathmandu ”

Patan Durbar Square visit Kathmandupatan
Patan Durbar square is situated at the adjacent city of Kathmandu which lies in the south-east region of the Kathmandu. 10 minutes ride on the bus from Thamel to this place you will hit you with the heritage that is enlisted in the world heritage site. The main thing that you can see here is pure New architecture.

Those architecture built at that time when Nepal was famous in the world for the architects of stupa, temples, and pagodas. There are a lot of things to see. Even the stones at the road are crafted.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Previously the Bhaktapur was a different country then Kathmandu. The kings and queens’ of the Bhaktapur used to live in this palace. A clean and peaceful area with a heavily artistic old palace is a pleasing place for everyone to visit.

We can assure you the guarantee that you would feel a heavenly pleasure inside reaching this place. Don’t forget this is also one of the UNESCO heritage sites.

Nature Around the City: “ Things to Do in Kathmandu ”


Nagarkot is the village where you can observe a lot of Himalayan range from one place. You would be benefitted with the spectacular view of the sunrise and sunset on the Himalayan range. From Nagarkot, you can observe many beautiful scenarios of the Annapurna range, Manaslu range, Ganesh Himal range, Langtang range, Mount Everest range.

This place should not be missed if you visit Kathmandu because it is a hub point from where you would be able to see Sunrise and sunset on all the Himalayan range of Nepal.

Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park:
In 2002 this national park was formed. This National Park is nearby Kathmandu in the northeast region with only 40 minutes by bus travel from Ratnapark. This region is heavily decorated with faunas. You could see all type of animals here.

Deers, tigers, rabbits, musk and other varieties of birds will be seen here. You will feel the tranquility of birds chirping and owls howling.

Central Zoo (Jwalakhel Zoo):
This is the central zoo of Nepal. Here you can see all the animals that could be found in our country. such as reptiles, Pisces, many mammals, birds you will find every single type of the species to see here. An elephant ride will make your trip memorable. This place will be open for almost all days except Saturday. Those colorful birds you would see in HD Nat geo you will be seeing here live with your eyes.

Religious Kathmandu: “ Things to Do in Kathmandu ”

Bouddhanath Stupa

It is a stupa situates in the northeast part of Kathmandu. This is one of the largest stupas in the world. This place was historically used for giving shelters to Tibetans, who used to visit Nepal for the trade purpose. The Thankas “थान्का” and Buddhist decoration makes this place more special than other stupas. You will see those items here which you would never see in your life again.

This is a sacred area of Hindu people. This area has a lot of temples with the god and goddess of the Hindu religion. Here thousands of people come and visit every day from all over South Asia. Pashupatinath is the major Temple of the Hindu for worshipping their god. There is a small conservation area at the side of the Pashupati temple where you can see many animals.

Swoyambhu is in little hill rock situated in the western part of Kathmandu. Only 10 minutes ride on the bus will bring you to the most famous Buddhist Park in Asia.

There are many more things to do in Kathmandu come to visit this ancient City. Happy Travelling.


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