Thrilling Rock Climbing in Nepal | Introduction | Rock Climbing Information

Thrilling Rock Climbing in Nepal Trip Introduction:

Rock climbing is a challenging sport for the outdoor lover. Rock climbing is a great adventure sport gaining quite an attention currently amongst tourist and young generation. The numerous natural climbing sites in Kathmandu are suitable for all kinds of climbers ranging from beginners to experts. Just choose a climb that is best for you and you’re all set to go.

Also, appreciate that rock climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport. It often tests a climber’s strength, durability, dexterity, and balance along with mind control. So, please be acceptably prepared before undertaking any rock climbing tours.

Nagarjun Forest Reserve Site
From Thamel will take 30 min to reach you to Nagarjun Forest Reserve. Nagarjun Forest Reserve located 3km northwest of Kathmandu Valley. While an excellent site for beginners, novices, and professional climbers, bird watchers will love it as well for the over 318 species of birds recorded by ornithologists.

Nagarjun Forest Reserve

Nagarjun Forest Reserve is most demanded sites for rock climbing than other sites of Nepal. The spot has a wide range of options for climbers. They can choose according to their skills and the one that suits them best. This site is also a great place for beginners. Even professionals and the new one can enjoy a climb here.

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Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

After 30 minutes of hiking will let us access the spot from the entrance gate of the Nagarjun Forest Reserve. The reserve is protected by a large group of armies. As per the rules of the reserve, the check-out time is 5 o’clock in the evening.

Balaju Rock Climbing
Balaju is located north-west of Kathmandu. A 30 minute of the drive takes us to the place from the Thamel area. Again a 30 minute of hiking provides access to the rock climbing spot. This spot is one of the nearest ones among the 22 rock-climbing spots.

Other Famous Sites for Rock Climbing in Nepal:

Hattiban Rock Climbing Site
Hattiban is 400m above from the historic valley of Kathmandu and is located in the southern parts of a valley on the way to the holy temple of “Dhaskinkali”. This site is a top-grade climbing site for fit, skilled and professional climbers only.

It brings a sense of calmness and peacefulness to those who challenge it. Along with the spread of the Himalayas beyond from Ganesh Himal range all the way to Sagarmatha.

Bimal Nagar Site
Bimal Nagar climbing sites are situated in the south-west of Kathmandu and five-hour bus drive by bus take you to this site which is located on the way to Pokhara. Along with the climbing experience, this tour also offers its applicants glorious views of Mt. Manaslu and the Marshyandi River.

Thame Rock climbing
The Thame Everest Region is located in the eastern part of the country near to Mt Everest. This place is very famous for rock-climbing. Both of the Everest climbing world record holders were born here. Thame comprises of more than 17 climbing routes.

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