Trishuli River Rafting: most adventurous white water rafting in Nepal.

Trishuli River Rafting is the most popular and adventurous river rafting in Nepal. This famous river has been the ultimate destination for rafters all around the world. The river is rich in geographical conditions and water current . That makes it a suitable river for rafting among all the other rivers of Nepal.

Rafting in Trishuli provides an enduring satisfaction. Also it fills up your thirst for an exciting and overwhelming experience. This is the best adventurous rafting place for all the visitors and tourist.

The beautiful river lies in the Tibetan region of China which is called Kirong Tsangpo. The river is name after the Trishula; a trident of Legendary Lord Shiva. This highly admired river for rafting originates in China . And it meets at the Narayani River of Nepal and water flows through the lower regions to join the Ganges in India.

This rafting river awaits you for an adventurous and exciting course through the strong currents of the river. It is also a river that helps in gaining hydroelectricity.

Trishuli River lies in the list of rivers available for rafting purpose. It is with impressive gorges, adventurous rapids and also options for easier sections. This river is also popular for being easily accessible from the Kathmandu valley as well as the Pokhara City. Besides, the river is also easily accessed from the Prithvi Highway and to the Chitwan National Park. Trishuli river is the best whitewater rafting river. There are many riversides lounge and hotel for the people visiting the river Trisuli.

Trishuli River Rafting Itinerary:

Day 01: Arrive at Kathmandu Airport and transfer to hotel to stay overnight

Day 01: Departure from Kathmandu [1,338m/4,389ft] to Malinga [429m/1,407ft]. Hotel or resort overnight

Day 02: Day adventure. Today, we pass through different rapids, butterfly effects, currents and bends of water. Camp overnight

Day 03: Drive from Baireni [436m/1,430ft] to Malekhu [379m/1,243ft]. Hotel overnight

Day 04: Drive back to Kathmandu to a hotel and stay overnight

Day 05: Final departure

Location, transportation, and timetable

The Trisuli river is located just further 3 to 3.5-hour drive from west Kathmandu. It makes an excellent choice for short trips, or for those who are in route to Pokhara or from Chitwan national park.

The return journey to Kathmandu is 5 hours, to Pokhara is approximately 4 hours and to Chitwan is approximately 1 hour .Yearly more than 1000 tourist visit Trisuli for the mean of adventurous rafting. In fact, the rafting time is divided for 1-3 days.



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